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Magnesium Sulfate- Dried (MgSO4・0H2O~3H2O)

UMAI CHEMICAL has 4 basic grades of magnesium sulfate-dried , such as, anhydrous, 1.5 -hydrate, 2.5-hydrate, and 3-hydrate with various crystalline size distribution.

Magnesium Sulfate- Dried has the following 10 features :
1.Various particle sizes from fine powder to granule
2. Good water solubility
3.Hygroscopic property
4. Less corrosive to metals
5.Generates heat when dissolved
6.Feeling smooth and hard to get caked
7.Stable up to 700 degrees Centigrade
8.Safe and harmless to environment
9.4 different grades of crystals
10 .Most suitable for carrier and filler

chemical name chemical formula grade product name
Magnesium Sulfate - Dried

UMAI First grade (UM-00)0H2O
Japanese Standard of feed additives (FM-30)3H2O
For fertilizers MgSO4 23.0%
MgSO4 23.5%
MgSO4 24.0%
MgSO4 32.0%
Standard Grade (KGN-30)3H2O
(LN -25)2.5H2O
(LN- 15)1.5H2O
(MN -25)2.5H2O
(MN- 00)0H2O
(SN- 00)0H2O