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Ultra-fine grinding OEM method

We are working on the development of powders that control the particle size and shape by applying powders processing technology, which is one of the highly functionalized technologies.

◇Ultra-fine grinding OEM principle

By the jet stream ejected, it collides particles with each other for Ultra-fine grinding.Ultra-fine grinding of about 5 kg is possible in one cycle.

small-scale production

◇For Research/prototype applications

Suitable for prototyping new products and small-scale production

Average particle size: 2-40 micrometre
Processing capacity: 1-5 kg/hr
Processing cost: 100,000 yen/day~

Examples of Ultra-fine grinding

◇Particle analysis

It is possible to measure the particle size distribution and to observe images with an electron microscope.

Measurement of particle size distribution by laser diffraction particle size analyzer (case)

Observation of particle shape by electron microscope (case)


We cannot process dangerous materials, highly corrosive substances, and adherent substances.
You provide SDS of the process material in advance.
You collect all materials and processed goods.
You will be charged separately for analysis, measurement, and postage.
we have ownership of results, data, know-how, etc.
contact us if you are interested.