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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name
Masaharu Umai
Keicho 4 (1599) year
January of Showa 19 (1944)
35 million yen
57 people (as of May 2017)
Business contents
Chemical manufacturing industry・Chemical trading company

【Headquarters / Head Office Factory】
60 Matsushima kurourasaki Muya cho Naruto city Tokushima prefecture 772-0001
TEL/+81-88-685-4175  FAX/+81-88-685-3054

【Tokyo branch】
3-8-3,domu-ru aoyama 201 Kitaaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061 Japan
TEL/+81-3-6433-5154  FAX/+81-3-3400-6900

【Osaka Branch】
4-3-9 Nankukuji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0058
TEL/+81-6-6251-5214  FAX/+81-6-6251-5365

Acquisition of drug substance drug manufacturing industry
Veterinary drug manufacturing business, acquisition of veterinary drug manufacturing and sales business
Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry, Cosmetics Manufacturing Sales Business Acquired
Obtained in food additive manufacturing and feed additive manufacturing
ISO 9001 certification acquired (certification range: magnesium chloride, AdBlue®)
Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification (Scope of authentication: Head office factory)
JIS K2247-1 certification obtained (image: our factory: AdBlue®) obtained JIS K2247-1 certification (target: our factory: AdBlue®)
The Director of the Takasatsu National Taxation Co., Ltd. commends the SMEs for the Promotion of the Promotion of Activities (as determined by the date of May 24, 2011)
Article posting book / "No. 1 company of Shikoku" edited by Nihon Keizai Shimbunsha / "Challenge of Shikoku company" Ministry of International Trade and Industry Ministry of Commerce and Industry Bureau of Shikoku ed.

Social Contribution Activities
We are engaged in social contribution activities for the local community.
1. Tax education activities for elementary school students at the Naruto corporation association to which they belong, donation activities by charity competition. (donation to community public facilities)
2. Donation to Shiogama Shrine reconstruction in 2011.


1599 (Keicho4)
Mr. Makoto Makai, Pioneering Shiona at Naruto, Starting a Salt Industry
1918 (Taisho7)
Start pharmaceutical industry using bittern of by-product by-product as raw material
1935 (Showa10)
Tokushima Prefecture founded a bitter pharmaceutical industry association
1944 (Showa19)
In January, the establishment of the Maju store was established in January
1946 (Showa21)
Headquarters and headquarters factory built in Saita · Magnesium sulfate production started
1951 (Showa26)
Osaka branch opened
1960 (Showa35)
production of dried magnesium sulfate and ordinary magnesium sulfate
1965 (Showa40)
Company name changed to Umai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. · Started production of sodium bisulfate production
1966 (Showa41)
Tokyo branch opened
1968 (Showa43)
Technology establishment of magnesium sulfate synthesis method
1969 (Showa44)
Construction of sulfate base
1970 (Showa45)
Kurosaki factory construction・New magnesium sulfate plant established
1972 (Showa47)
Newly established dry magnesium sulfate plant
1975 (Showa50)
New liquid magnesium chloride plant established
1978 (Showa53)
Newly established sodium bisulfate plant
1980 (Showa55)
Newly established high-purity magnesium sulfate plant (produces Japanese pharmacopoeia, food additives, etc.)
1988 (Showa63)
Construction of a new building in Kurosaki, headquarters relocated from Sada to Kurosaki Kurosaki factory will be the head office factory
1993 (Heisei5)
Start production of sodium nitrate production
1995 (Heisei7)
Start production of nickel nitrate・Construction of nitrate base
1996 (Heisei8)
Integrated the Sada manufacturing factory into the head office factory
2001 (Heisei13)
Printmaker Yamaguchi Hiroki Teacher Design company completed a new logo
PAC, liquid aluminum sulfate base construction · Renewal of liquid magnesium chloride plant
2002 (Heisei14)
Manufactured veterinary drugs approved manufacturing Silky Dip®
2003 (Heisei15)
Acquired ISO 9001 certification · Establishment of Osaka methanol base
2005 (Heisei17)
AQURUM  production for semiconductor additives started
2007 (Heisei19)
Acquire AdBlue® Certification
2010 (Heisei22)
Acquired ISO 14001 certification
2014 (Heisei26)
Bathroom agent business launch
2015 (Heisei27)
Launch NEHAN TOKYO in Tokyo Aoyama
2016 (Heisei28)
JIS K 2247-1 certification acquired
2017 (Heisei29)
REACTRISE ®, production of CALSUPPLY ® started