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Magnesium sulfate
UMAI Chemical offers three types of magnesium sulfate, which are crystal type, dried type, and liquid type. In crystal type, we have various grades to meet a wide range of customer's needs including high purity magnesium sulfate boasting 99.99% purity.

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Liquid Magnesium Chloride
We offer items in 25% and 30% products for crystal shape control, factory drainage mineral sources, etc.
Nipple Disinfectant Silky Dip
Iodine has a strong sterilization effect.Disinfectants and mouthwash are commercially available iodine-based medicines.Silky dip is an iodine contained medicine for animals.It draws out the sterilizing power of iodine with friendly design which does not waste the power of iodine.
32.5% high-grade urea water for diesel engine vehicles equipped with urea SCR system.It is used as a reducing agent to convert nitrogen oxides (Nox) contained in the exhaust gas of diesel engines to nitrogen, eventually decomposing Nox into nitrogen and water. We will help "cleaning the air" from our factory in Naruto-city, Tokushima Prefecture.
Additives for inorganic dicing for semiconductor production. Dicing of semiconductor wafers (especially large wafers) requires long hours of dicing in ultrapure water, and there is a problem that aluminum ions are eluted from the cut portion of the semiconductor wafer in a trace amount. To improve the matter, surfactants etc. are used as additives for dicing. AQRUM is a new idea for inorganic dicing additives that solves the problem of elution of aluminum ions from semiconductor wafers during dicing by utilizing the ionization tendency. Existing organic systems such as conventional surfactants required wastewater treatment after dicing, but AQRUM is non-organic and does not require wastewater treatment. It is an excellent additive considering the environment as well. We supply AQRUM in 10 liter pure bottles.
Methanol (in 160 kg drum)
Methanol filled in 160 kg drum. We fill the drum at our reliable cooperating company (in Osaka city) and sell it under the "UMAI" brand. Drum collection after use is also possible.
REACTRISE NETIS Registration NO.SK-160004-VR
It is a new technology for prolonging the life of concrete structures. It is applied to surface impregnation method for concrete. REACTRISE is a reactive silicate surface impregnated material that is a mixture of sodium, potassium and lithium in combination. When REACTRISE is coated or sprayed on the concrete surface, it reacts with the free calcium content in the concrete and forms a protective layer (C-S-H layer) on the concrete surface layer. The formed protective layer prevents penetration of degradation factors such as water, seawater, and carbon dioxide in the air.  
CALSUPPLY NETIS Registration NO.SK-160004-VR
Calcium supplement that brings out the effect of REACTRISE. It supplies free calcium content lost from concrete due to aging. By replenishing the CALSUPPLY to concrete, it reacts reliably with REACTRISE to form a protective layer.
Ultra-fine grinding OEM method
We are working on the development of powders that control the particle size and shape by applying powders processing technology, which is one of the highly functionalized technologies.

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