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Magnesium Sulfate (crystal)

We have a number of high quality grades including reagents, drug agents, cosmetics, food additives, feed additives, etc.,including special grades guaranteeing Japan's highest purity of 99.99% by original technology of UMAI Chemical. We will deliver high quality magnesium sulfate to customers who need them, all over the world.

no1Number One Share in Japan/Purified Magnesium Sulfate

Our purified magnesium sulfate, which achieved number one in Japan for both production volume and sales share, is active in various fields such as industrial raw materials, water soluble fertilizer, and improving performances of high-tech products.

Characteristic of Magnesium Sulfate
1. Excellent solubility in water
2. It is an agent which is chemically stable, safe, harmless and environmentally friendly
3. It is an agent which is less corrosive to metals

Products Chemical formula Grade Average particle diameter
High purity magnesium sulfate(Heptahydrate) MgSO4・7H2O Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)
UMAI Reagent Special Grade (HRC)
UMAI Reagent First grade (RC)
Food Additives (HSC)
Feed Additives (HFC)
(About 1mm)
Heptahydrate Purified magnesium sulfate crystals(Heptahydrate) MgSO4・7H2O Fertilizer (16% fertilizer)
Industrial (TC)
(About 1mm)
※Measurement examples are guidelines, not guaranteed values.
※Please inquire separately about details of quality standard etc. of each grade.

Magnesium Sulfate (dried)

As top manufacturer of magnesium sulfate, we respond to wide range of requests. As types of dried magnesium sulfate, we offer crystal waters in anhydride, 1.5 hydrate, 2.5 hydrate, 3 hydrate, as well as in various particle size from sulfur to granule, reagents, food additives, feed additives, fertilizer, industrial use, etc.
Also, from 2018, we commercialized USN-00, which is an extremely fine anhydrous magnesium sulfate with an average particle size of about 3 μm. It is expected to be applied to various applications as a functional material, such as warming agents and hygroscopic agents.

11Characteristics of Dried Magnesium Sulfate
1. Diameter of each particle is from ultrafine to granule
2. Four different grades of crystal water
3. High clarity of aqueous solution
4. Dissolves well in water
5. Low corrosiveness
6 .Stable up to approximately 700 degrees Celsius
7. Hygroscopic function (degree of water absorption capacity for anhydrous salt is almost the same as its own weight) used as desiccant
8. Generates heat when melting, used as warming agent
9. Applied for carrier and filler
10. Difficult to harden due to its smooth behavior
11.Safe, harmless and environmentally friendly
Products Chemical formula Grade Model number
Dry magnesium sulfate
(2.5 hydrate)
(1.5 hydrate)
First grade Aga reagent (UM-00)crushed · anhydrous
Food additive (HSL-30)pulverized · trihydrate
Feed additives (FM-30)Coarse crushed · trihydrate
(FM-00)Coarse grinding · Anhydride
fertilizer 23.0% fertilizer
23.5% fertilizer
24.0% fertilizer
32.0% fertilizer
Industrial use (KGN-30)Unpulverized (Particle size adjusted product) · Trihydrate
(KGN-00)Unpulverized (Particle size adjusted product) · Anhydride
(GN-30)unpulverized · trihydrate
(GN-00)unpulverized · anhydride
(LN-30)pulverized · trihydrate
(LN-25)pulverized · 2.5 hydrate
(LN-15)pulverized · 1.5 hydrate
(MN-30)pulverized · trihydrate
(MN-25)pulverized · 2.5 hydrate
(MN-00)pulverized anhydride
(Anhydride) MgSO4 Make-to-order product (SSN- 00)Grinding · Anhydride
(USN- 00)Grinding · Anhydride

Magnesium Sulfate (Liquid)

It is a liquid type of magnesium sulfate. We are preparing as a salting-out agent and crystal shape control, mineral source for industrial wastewater, etc.
Product name
Liquid magnesium sulfate
Industrial raw materials
Measurement item Unit Standard value Minute series
Content(MgSO4) 19.5~25.5 22.84
Appearance Colorless almost clear liquid Same as left