about UMAI

UMAI Chemical was first founded as salt producing company with a salt field at Naruto-city of Tokushima-Prefecture back in 1599. Iemasa Hachisuka, the Lord of Awa, invited Hichirobee Umai, salt producing expert and founder of UMAI Chemical, from Arai-village of Harima. UMAI Chemical is manufacturer of inorganic chemical products such as purified magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), which UMAI Chemical is the largest company in both production as well as sales share, and is also a trading company specializing in chemical products, as we handle over 300 types of chemical products. We are proud of being the oldest enterprise in Tokushima, and our big goal is to establish UMAI as a brand widely accepted in world through development of new products and being a creative, future-oriented company that continues to produce "earnest and unique" products and services.

magnesium sulfate

There are various grades for magnesium sulfate of UMAI Chemical, such as reagent, medical drug agents, cosmetics, food additives, feed additives, fertilizer, industrial use, etc., as well as high purity magnesium sulfate with purity of 99.99%. UMAI Chemical is the number one company in Japan for the sales share of magnesium sulfate. Magnesium sulfate is also known as Epsom salt, which is recently famous as beauty regime of Hollywood celebrities. In addition to our B To B product line-up, we are also developing our original bath salts made from magnesium sulfate for B To C purposes.

UMAI as Trading Company of Chemical Products

While UMAI was founded as salt producing company, when monopoly law of salt was applied, we have restarted as “UMAI SHOTEN,” a trading company of inorganic chemical products, such as bittern, which is byproduct of salt. UMAI is also a trading company specializing in chemical products, currently handling over 300 chemical products.

In-House Product Development and Own Brand Business, such as NEHAN TOKYO

Under the management goal “Innovation and Growth,” we are focusing on developing our own brand products developed by ourselves. Following " Veterinary Drugs Silky Dip,” which we jointly developed with Nasuagli, and "Akram" used for production of semiconductor, we launched the Epsom Salt bath agent brand NEHAN TOKYO as the first B To C business. We are introducing NEHAN TOKYO across the country from the flagship store located in Aoyama, Tokyo. In addition, since 2017, full-scale launch of " REACTRIZE " and " CALSUPPLY " has started. These are concrete impregnated materials which we developed to contribute to prolongation of aging public concrete structures such as piers, which has become a problem in the recent years. We will actively participate to joint development. Please contact us if you have any information!